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Around the Way Girl. Follower of Christ. 19 Years Young. CCS Alumni. UMD Class of '17. Single. Mommy 2 Be on October 27, 2014.

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The Joys of Pregnancy

boobs hurt. stomach hurts. heartburn. swollen feet. swollen cheeks. farting. peeing on myself. stretch marks? more farting. random craving. must have chocolate covered donuts. whoops, just threw up in my mouth again. Jesus Christ if this baby doesn’t stop kicking my bladder. can’t fit my shoes or jeans anymore. and I threw up foreal now. it’s 4 am and my baby wants to wake me up with a kick to my vag. weird metal taste in my mouth. where are my toes?that smell is making me sick. oh look my belly button is sticking out. BIGGER STRETCHMARKS. boobs leaking. can’t SLEEP for the life of me. anddd I have to pee now. HOLY SHIT he kicked me in my ribs. headaches. bad mood. bladders always full. are those contractions? nope just gas.

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Today I felt Elijah drop down reallllyyy low. The reason I know is I can actually do really deep breaths now without dying lls🙌

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Reasons why my mom is a queen

  • Me: Thanks for talking to me mom.
  • Mom: Of course sweetheart.
  • Me: I know I'm still hard to talk to.
  • Mom: But you are worth it.
  • Me: *cries*

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…need someone to vent to

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Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life featuring Drake

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The LOOT from baby shower #2.☺️ Elijah and I are so blessed to have so many people looking out for us.
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Home from my second baby shower and I had so much fun. Only downside is that I’m EXHAUSTED. My body is so tired, my eyes hurt, all I wanna do now is lay in bed, talk to him , rub my tummy and sleep…well maybe not sleep lol I’m too tired to even sleep 😩

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On ☁️ 9
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Gold Digger Kanye West (ft. Jamie Foxx)

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35 Weeks.
Stretch marks and all, I’m still hiding lil man in there! Its getting harder everyday so hopefully he decides to leave soon…