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I just left a doctors appointment and my son weighs only 1lb so far and I’m 26 weeks rights now. He should be more than that and I’m worried because he’s so light. I still have 10-14 weeks till he’s here but I just want him to be healthy. On a happier note he has no mental defects or physical defects🙌 to God be the glory. So I am thankful that Elijah and I are healthy and strong. Just need my baby to gain some damn weight for me😩

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my son loves these vanilla/ chocolate half and half cookies that I’m Eatin. He keeps kicking me.

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I’m hoping he calls tonight, just to ask about an appointment.

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It ain’t NOTHIN to cut that bitch off .

got really dizzy….I’m in the final trimester and it’s getting hard…nobody ever talks about the pressure pregnancy put on you.
My stomach is growing so it’s putting weight and pressure on my hips, it’s making me dizzy and random hunger pains are killing me. My whole body is changing on me and I’m getting so tired and weak easily like the stuff I used to do I can’t. So I’m calling all bullshit on the fake happy easy pregnancy on movies. Cuz this shit is not easy at all. I’m tired I’m exhausted and I’m ready to have my son already.

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Funfetti cake batter chocolate chip cookies 
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I want someone to hold right now…with their arms around me too…so I can just relax…and stop thinking about anything and everything.

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I get so hungry sometimes that I think I can eat a whole bunch of food and then…I don’t.
I just went to McDonald’s 🙌 and I ordered 3 nc double 2 mcchickens and a drink. In my mind, I was gonna crush that no problem. Got home and halfway through my drink I’m getting full, I eat a mcchicken andddd I’m full. Not I got four sandwiches here for nothing ….
Pregnancy brain and pregnancy stomach . Evil twisted things.

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after sleeping with someone for so long, sleeping alone can be the scariest and most unnatural thing to do.

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